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Driverly Insurance exceeds 1st Qtr engagement target by 150 percent as users flock to download the revolutionary driving app and create user clubs

Steve Pacitto

5 April 2023

As Driverly ramps up its marketing and engagement strategy, the unique driving app exceeds target download numbers by over 150% in Q1 as the app rides its first viral wave!

Cardiff-based Driverly, provider of a unique, app-based car insurance service, is delighted to announce a record performance in the first quarter of 2023, as users download the app in their thousands, and hundreds more create driving clubs for friends and family members.

The Driverly app monitors and records dozens of different driving criteria for users to build an accurate picture of their driving habits, which can directly benefit them financially.  As well as smashing its 3-month target, Driverly has also given over half a million reward acorns to new users and existing users, in recognition of their safe driving behaviour.

Armin Kia, CEO of Driverly, commented: 

"The number of downloads achieved in the first quarter of this year was the volume we anticipated reaching in Q3 of 2023, so it’s remarkable evidence of the level of enthusiasm for our product. The response has been overwhelming, and we are delighted to welcome so many new users to the app. Whilst our acorns represent a fun part of our brand in terms of the way we reward users, there is very much a real-world benefit to our customers, as these acorns can be redeemed as Amazon vouchers and, in future, lower monthly car insurance when we start to offer policies." 
“What this amazing uptake in new users and Driving Clubs shows is that the idea of being rewarded for safer driving is a concept that has really captured the imagination of younger drivers. They seem to love our Driving Clubs, where they can share the app with friends and family and earn extra awards by competing for the best monthly scores on a leader board. We are seeing unprecedented engagement stats too, which seem to show users are actively using the app more than we dared to hope for. They are showing they want to be part of our driving score app scheme and, more importantly, they are showing they can be trusted to be safe drivers and a good bet for car insurance providers”  
“We thought the app would be popular, but we were more than pleasantly surprised at the number of new downloads and the great driving behaviours of our users. What was interesting to us was also the way users shared the app with others and created safer driving clubs. That was always one of the cornerstones of our viral strategy for engagement and seeing young people respond so positively has been a huge boost.” 

Driverly can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play and remains free to download and use.

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Driverly Insurance is a UK based insurtech business, set up in 2021 to specialise in providing car insurance for safe drivers.  The Driverly app and business model offers the UK's first genuine, dynamically priced driving insurance solution. This flexible policy employs the very latest proprietary technologies to deliver insurance the way it should be; personalised to the user's 'driving habits and dynamically priced on a monthly basis to reflect driving behaviours. The Driverly app, which is free to download and trial, is at the forefront of a new age of dynamically priced, adaptive insurance products and gathers data to monitor and reward careful driving behaviour. Customers can receive digital "acorns" as part of a rewards programme, which can then be converted into vouchers or discounts. This monthly subscription policy also enables customers to cancel at any point without paying a cancellation fee.

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