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About Driverly

Driverly is a UK based insurance broker, set up in 2021 to specialise in car insurance. Our headquarter is in Cardiff, but we have a very modern distributed organisational setup. Our team is spread across the globe and that means we welcome the best talents with little geographical constraints. We pride ourselves on our data, technology and customer obsession. 


Driverly. In a nutshell. 

We started Driverly because car insurance for young drivers didn't make a lot of sense to us.  


Maybe you feel the same way. As a young adult, getting your first car is a rite of passage. Especially if you pay for it yourself, perhaps even name it, and would rather lose a finger than dent a bumper. 


Then you get a quote for car insurance and are told in no uncertain terms you’re the biggest risk on the road. Fair? Pfffft! 


We get why the insurance industry works the way it does. But we put our heads together, thinking ‘surely there has to be a better way?’ 


Turns out there is. Behavioural insurance based on the way you drive your car. 


Instead of judging you by the average risk of your peer group, why don’t we just judge you… on you?  


Black box technology – telematics if we’re being formal – has existed for quite a while now. But nobody seems to be taking this insight and using it dynamically, to reward drivers on a monthly basis based on what they do – not who they are. 


So, we built Driverly Insurance, a service that offers new and younger drivers the chance to show us what you’re made of when it comes to driving in the real world. Our app tracks your driving behaviour. If it turns out you're a safe driver, we reward you with discounts and bonuses. How fair does that sound?  


We also know that young people love to share and build communities. So, we’re giving you the chance to create your own Driverly clubs, where you can collectively benefit from a group of likeminded safe drivers. 


Not only do we want to reward people for their commitment to safe driving. We’re trying to make the roads safer for everyone. 


And that’s Driverly in a nutshell. One day all insurance will be this way. 

Armin Kia

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


I’m a tech entrepreneur, passionate to use data and technology to develop new customer propositions. With a background in technology and 7 years' experience with Admiral Group, the largest car insurer in the UK, I have an eager interest in launching and growing new businesses.



Masters in Business

BSc Electrical Engineering

Most Recent Position

Head of Business Planning and Development, Admiral Group, UK

Mohammad Alinia

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer


With more than 15 years’ experience in technology, I have a keen interest in applying cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems. My most recent role as a lead technology consultant empowered me to stay ahead of the technology curve and apply learnings from a wide range of industries and geographies. I have successful experience in launching and growing a startup business, which has helped me to develop myself into a is a well-rounded CTO. 


BSc and MSc Computer Engineering

Most Recent Position

Lead Technology Consultant, Australia

Nestor Alonso

Co-founder and Chief Data Officer


In my last position I looked after Pricing, Underwriting, Antifraud, Data & Analytics at a disruptive startup insurance company in Spain. I am passionate about markets where one can profitably make customers happier with the help of data and tech. My background is in Business and Statistics, and I have practiced Data Science since before it had that name.



Masters in Data Science and Big Data

Masters in Advanced Applied Statistics Methods

BSc Economy and Business Management

Most Recent Position

Chief Underwriting and Data Analytics Officer, a startup telematics insurer in Spain

The brains behind the operation 

Dear Investors

If you are interested in joining our exciting journey, please feel free to contact us at

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