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When was the last time you saw something different in your car insurance?

With us, every turn of the journey is a new experience!

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Download the app now to start building up your driving score & earn rewards for safe driving :)

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Driverly is a flexible car insurance 


Pay how you drive

We use cutting-edge AI and machine learning techniques to provide you with the best price possible. Unlike most insurance providers, we don’t just look at your demographic... we look at how you drive.

Flexible monthly subscription

Driverly is a monthly subscription insurance policy with zero cancellation fee. We want you to stay with us, but only if you want to.

One-stop shop

Driverly is app-only. From test drive to buying a policy, from driving insight to making policy changes, you have all you need at your fingertips.


Win acorns!

With Driverly, you can earn acorns for your good driving. You can then turn your acorns into vouchers or get great discounts.

If you don't make a claim, the acorns rain!

How Driverly works

Just download the Driverly app and drive around...


1. Download Driverly app


2. Test drive

To activate your test drive, you will need to give us permission to gather your driving data from your smart phone. A few hundred or so miles later, we'll give you our best offer based on your driving style.


3. Earn discounts!

It doesn’t matter if you're a young driver with only a few years of no-claims bonus. If you're a good driver, you deserve a fair and competitive price!

How Driverly works
Driverly, a flexible policy

Fed up with rigid insurance policies and eye-watering cancellation fees? We are too!

Monthly Subscription Policy

Unlike most other insurance products, Driverly is not an annual policy. Driverly car insurance is a monthly subscription policy with the flexibility that our customers crave.

Price lock

Your price is fixed for the first 3 months. After that, it may increase or decrease based on your driving style and the market conditions. Drive well and you’ll almost certainly get discounts!​

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No fees

We don't think it's fair to charge fees for simple changes to the policy. Nor is it fair to lock people in by charging mind-blowing cancellation fees. Driverly is a no-fee policy.


Driverly Team



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Co-founder and Chief Data Officer



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Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Driverly team
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