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Driverly launches UK’s first dynamically priced, adaptive car insurance product with the release of its free App on iOS App Store and Android Google Play

Steve Pacitto

20 December 2022

Customers invited to download revolutionary free-to-use telematics App to build a personalised, performance-based, driving score that can reduce premiums and provide rewards for younger, safer, drivers.

Cardiff-based Driverly Insurance, provider of a unique, app-based car insurance service, is delighted to announce it has released its ground-breaking App through both iOS App Store and Android Google Play. 

In what is thought to be a UK first in the car insurance market, Driverly is inviting users to download its unique, dynamically priced telematics App for free on iPhone and Android platforms. This enables users to build a profile history of safe driving and to learn more about the elements that go into reducing car insurance prices for safe drivers, free of charge. 

Driverly’s app will ultimately provide a dynamically priced, monthly subscription insurance service to customers, based on their driving habits, enabling users to earn rewards that can be redeemed as vouchers and discounts. Its proprietary technology is at the forefront of dynamic pricing and monthly subscription insurance, which is set to revolutionise the market. 

The service targets younger drivers who wish to demonstrate their safe driving behaviour in advance of taking out insurance. Many of them face high insurance premiums and earn no rewards for their commitment to safety. In addition, Driverly is introducing a no-fee insurance proposition, including no cancellation fees. 

Armin Kia, co-founder and CEO of Driverly and former Head of Business Planning and Development at Admiral Financial Services, Admiral Group, said: “The launch of our App through iOS App Store and Android Google Play means that our customers can demonstrate how safely they drive, earn rewards for their careful driving, and eventually get their personalised car insurance price, based on how they drive, not just who they are! 
“Car insurance is a cost which all drivers face, but our approach gives safe drivers the ability to show their value to car insurers. It really is about putting the power back into the hands of the customer. Furthermore, it promotes safer driving amongst our core audience which is good news for them and for the insurance industry. Our monthly policy affords these drivers flexibility, with the guarantee of zero fees. We are delighted to invite potential users to download the app now and discover the difference Driverly could make to their car insurance premiums.” 

The Driverly Insurance app is free to download through iOS App Store and Google Play for users interested in understanding how improved driving behaviour can reduce premiums and secure additional rewards.  


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Driverly Insurance is a UK based insurtech business, set up in 2021 to specialise in providing car insurance for safe drivers.  The Driverly app and business model offers the UK's first genuine, dynamically priced driving insurance solution. This flexible policy employs the very latest proprietary technologies to deliver insurance the way it should be; personalised to the user's 'driving habits and dynamically priced on a monthly basis to reflect driving behaviours. The Driverly app, which is free to download and trial, is at the forefront of a new age of dynamically priced, adaptive insurance products and gathers data to monitor and reward careful driving behaviour. Customers can receive digital "acorns" as part of a rewards programme, which can then be converted into vouchers or discounts. This monthly subscription policy also enables customers to cancel at any point without paying a cancellation fee. 


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